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Seriously? SRSLY.

Chances are if you’ve lived in a big city, you’ve had your fair share of “seriously?!” moments. When I first moved to San Francisco I told a lot of wild stories. My friends at home were appalled to hear of the man with a hole through his foot (often seen on Mission and 3rd), and could not fathom how I survive an hour and a half wait for brunch. But stories like those began to dwindle because the inevitable occurred; I became immune to crazy behavior, and sadly, somewhat nostalgic for it. Perhaps this is why SRSLY is so successful.

SRSLY is the brainchild of Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson (pictured above), two ladies who have capitalized on city folk problems and become web stars. And thankfully, their videos are more glamorous predicament than unsanitary mess; after all, nobody needs to see the man with a hole through his foot on film.

We posted two of our favorites below, but you can see loads more on their website.

Follow SRSLY on Twitter and find out more about these ladies here.

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  1. i guess i just don’t get the point of the base resiliency if there gonna give pepole another stat that negates that damage reduction, i also may not understand all the changes pvp wise something i’ll be testing in the beta for sure.

    January 30, 2013
  2. Ira #

    Someone way smarter than me (A fmeror wow guildy) figured out the star wars is indeed running on a 32 bit client only but thats not the surprising part.The possible performance issues may be related to a memory leak when the 32 bit client is running on a 64 bit OS i’ll post the whole post he made on the Elysium forums.He had been having lock ups and performance issues prior to testing this, seems to only be a error if you installed the beta. Hero blade folder is a default install from the hero blade engine that swtor is using. The abundant of logs was an error on early swtor beta testing where the log files were not saved in the corresponding folder. After monitoring core allocation time for each process on my 64bit machine I can say with almost certainty that this game only uses one core and has a massive memory leak in 64 bit machines. This game runs smoother on my dual core 32 bit machine than it does my 64 bit windows os. The memory leak looks to be only associated with 64 bit os

    January 30, 2013


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