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SceneTap: The New Pre-Game?

Ever wish you could check out the bar scene before leaving your home? Now you can thanks to tech start-up, SceneTap. The free application, available for iPhone and Android users, is set to launch this Friday in SF. Using facial recognition technology, the app provides users with information pertaining to a bar’s average age, crowd size, and male-to-female ratio. Creepy? We’re on the fence.

In San Francisco, Bernal Heights and the Marina would constitute a long distance relationship; same goes for a night out. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 20 dollars on cab fare only to realize the scene is not what you expected. So this app would definitely be useful for bars you’re unfamiliar with, but what about those you frequent? We’re envisioning pre-games involving Jameson, PBR, and now SceneTap. Think twenty-somethings using the app to determine the probability of getting laid at (insert bar of choice) on any given night.

So far, 25 bars have signed up, and just so you’re aware before heading out this weekend, here are some of them:

The Ambassador
Bamboo Hut
John Colins
Manor West

The Wreck Room

We want to know: what do you think of this app? For a complete list and more information you can read this article via the Huffington Post.

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  2. I love the simple and clean style of your pages.

    May 18, 2012
  3. Anonymous #

    Hmm, not sure what to think of this. Kind of cool though, in a weird way!

    May 18, 2012


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