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Seriously? SRSLY.

Chances are if you’ve lived in a big city, you’ve had your fair share of “seriously?!” moments. When I first moved to San Francisco I told a lot of wild stories. My friends at home were appalled to hear of the man with a hole through his foot (often seen on Mission and 3rd), and could not fathom how I survive an hour and a half wait for brunch. But stories like those began to dwindle because the inevitable occurred; I became immune to crazy behavior, and sadly, somewhat nostalgic for it. Perhaps this is why SRSLY is so successful.

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4 Cinco de Mayo Events Not to Miss

It is no secret that San Franciscans like to imbibe. It often takes no more than a glimpse of sunshine to fill the City parks with grown-ups eager to relive college, but what happens when you throw May into the mix? The result could be a Hunter S. Thompson novel.

Bay to Breakers, May 2010

In a city whose residents spend a significant chunk of their income on food and libations, it surprises us that there are not more “creative” options for Cinco de Mayo. After all, if Jesus’ rising is celebrated with big wheel races in silly costumes, you’d expect the nation that brought us tequila to inspire an even crazier event.

We’re a little upset that the only Cinco de Mayo parties seem to involve bro-y pub crawls and traditional dance; however, here’s a list of your best options: Read more

We Mustache You to Come

While that headline is a very lame pun; ironically, we’re very serious about it. Not only does Scoutmob save social media enthusiasts loads of money, they’re also fans of mustaches and Picklebacks. God, these guys are awesome.

All of the above will be under one roof this Wednesday at Dear Mom, so this is one invite we strongly encourage you to take. Local celeb, Broke Ass Stuart will be serving his famous Whiskey libations while you mingle with SF’s creatives; and make sure you order Dear Mom’s sourdough wrapped hot dog.

See you all Wednesday!

You can view the event’s Facebook page for more information.

Music Monday: Girls – “Love Like a River”

Christopher Owens and Chet “JR” White are two locals you want to know. Otherwise known as Girls, Owens and White have a unique sound that has “been compared to the likes of Elvis Costello, the Beach Boys, and Buddy Holly.

To find out more about the San Francisco band, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Outside Lands

Taken at Outside Lands 2011

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re HUGE music fans. In fact, we were still anxiously awaiting the start of Coachella when we purchased tickets to Outside Lands. And despite air-conditioned bathrooms and desert heat, there is one thing this festival has that Coachella never will-San Francisco.

Bay Area based, Another Planet Entertainment is responsible for this three-day event that manages to satisfy the City’s diverse music tastes. While it may seem odd to have Metallica and Norah Jones play the same festival, it works.

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Chromeo and the SFMOMA

We were happy to be at the SFMOMA’s Modern Ball last night. While it felt a bit like attending a 50 year old’s wedding reception, unlimited amounts of Patron and bubbly ensured a decidedly fun time.

The crowd was an eclectic mix of indie city folk and aging socialites, which cracked us up, along with electro-pop duo, Chromeo who laughed throughout most of their two hour set. Check out some pictures from the event below:

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SF and the American Hipster

Hosted by Paavo Steinkamp, American Hipster “takes a hard look at pop culture while saving room to laugh at itself.” Hipsters are so much more than trendsetters, and these videos showcase the creative spirit of our country.

Paavo captured two of our favorite things in the Bay-music and coffee. Check out his videos on SF based music site Yours Truly and neighborhood coffee shop Four Barrel below:

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Photography: SF Skyline

We’re digging this shot Alex took of the SF skyline from Treasure Island. To view the full post and see more rad pics check out her blog, hicontrast.

A Day In: The Marina

Dubbed the “LA of San Francisco,” the Marina has made a name for itself with twenty-something girls sporting Lululemon spandex and finance guys in khakis and Top Siders. But aside from fashion stereotypes, it also provides some of the best views in the City, along with great options for food and entertainment.

Marina local, Deidra tells us her favorite spots.

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Flora Grubb Gardens: Uniquely SF

If you’re looking for design or gardening inspiration or just want a cup of coffee- check out Flora Grubb Gardens. Far from a typical greenhouse or florist, Flora Grubb hosts informative talks on everything from the basics of gardening to “succulent composition.”  Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, hang out, and even rent out the garden for a special event.

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Culture Clash: Jean Paul Gaultier at the de Young

Ever since the success of the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the de Young, SF fashionistas have been waiting with baited breath for another chance to get up close and personal with some iconic haute couture.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk is perhaps the DeYoung’s most innovative exhibition to date. Everything from the opening party (La Grande Fete- filled with amazing performers, models, and the enfant terrible himself) to the movie reel of JPG’s work in cinema stays true to the designer’s aesthetic- a mix of high and low resulting in a timeless yet timely cultural melange.

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Women’s Style Forecast: Rain Accessories

There are two accessories every woman should own, they are: stylish rain boots and an umbrella.

My early years were spent dodging the Seattle rain, never realizing the fashion opportunities I was missing. Seattleites seem to take a certain pride in not using an umbrella and relying on the practicality of a North Face hood. Because it rains so much there, they must know best, right? Wrong.

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A Day In: Pacific Heights

We’re starting a new section! A Day In features San Francisco locals who share an ideal day in their neighborhood. This is a day in Urban Native blogger, Nina’s life.

There is a stigma associated with Pacific Heights. Yes, it is home to a best selling author and a popular senator, but there is so much more to this neighborhood than celebrity wealth. Sure, it’s got a pretty boring nightlife and a few too many nannies with strollers, but there’s also a large group of young, twenty-somethings living in appropriately small apartments.

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Coachella in the Bay

It’s officially April, and that means your news feeds and twitters are about to be inundated with “OMG COACHELLA!!” countdowns proceeded by “BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE!!!” recollections.

Since the mayhem surrounding last year’s sold out festival, Goldenvoice capitalized on indie hysteria and decided to make it two weekends. However, if you weren’t willing to fork over nearly 300 dollars in June without seeing the lineup, and were not hovering the purchase button the day more tickets were released in January, then you missed out on the most amazing experience yet again. Or did you?

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Scoutmob: An App That Saves You Money

Inevitably, anyone who moves to San Francisco becomes a social media expert. When I first moved to the city, I was a proud owner of a non-smart flip phone and foursquare still meant a game at recess. However, in less than two years I became an active contributor to all things media; apps such as Groupon and LivingSocial were the first I downloaded.

$15 for pub fare at a bar I had never heard of…Sure! I thought. I’m new and the Tenderloin sounds like a trendy place. $25 for three pedicures…Great deal! But where in the heck is Sunnyside?

My wallet has been fooled by so many coupons I have lost count. So, however good $450 sounds for a six-hour Napa excursion for me and nine of my closest friends, I began to ignore social media “deals.” That is, until I discovered Scoutmob.

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