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We Mustache You to Come

While that headline is a very lame pun; ironically, we’re very serious about it. Not only does Scoutmob save social media enthusiasts loads of money, they’re also fans of mustaches and Picklebacks. God, these guys are awesome.

All of the above will be under one roof this Wednesday at Dear Mom, so this is one invite we strongly encourage you to take. Local celeb, Broke Ass Stuart will be serving his famous Whiskey libations while you mingle with SF’s creatives; and make sure you order Dear Mom’s sourdough wrapped hot dog.

See you all Wednesday!

You can view the event’s Facebook page for more information.

Scoutmob: An App That Saves You Money

Inevitably, anyone who moves to San Francisco becomes a social media expert. When I first moved to the city, I was a proud owner of a non-smart flip phone and foursquare still meant a game at recess. However, in less than two years I became an active contributor to all things media; apps such as Groupon and LivingSocial were the first I downloaded.

$15 for pub fare at a bar I had never heard of…Sure! I thought. I’m new and the Tenderloin sounds like a trendy place. $25 for three pedicures…Great deal! But where in the heck is Sunnyside?

My wallet has been fooled by so many coupons I have lost count. So, however good $450 sounds for a six-hour Napa excursion for me and nine of my closest friends, I began to ignore social media “deals.” That is, until I discovered Scoutmob.

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