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Happy 75th Anniversary, Golden Gate

This Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, and to honor the iconic structure the city turned to local ad agency Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners. The agency created a series of posters that feature unusual angles of the bridge to commemorate this Sunday’s events. We’ve included some of these posters along with a full list of the festivities below.

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SceneTap: The New Pre-Game?

Ever wish you could check out the bar scene before leaving your home? Now you can thanks to tech start-up, SceneTap. The free application, available for iPhone and Android users, is set to launch this Friday in SF. Using facial recognition technology, the app provides users with information pertaining to a bar’s average age, crowd size, and male-to-female ratio. Creepy? We’re on the fence.

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Muni Wisdom: May 13, 2012

When you first move to San Francisco you think it’s perfectly normal to take the 14 bus at 1pm; although you soon realize it would’ve been faster and much more sanitary to walk. But aside from the stench of urine and schizophrenic druggies, every so often you meet a kind, eccentric stranger that brightens your day; thus, the Muni Wisdom series was born.

On the 19 bus, en route to Polk & Green

Whether they are humorous, thoughtful, or outright ridiculous we want to hear your favorite Muni quotes. Send them to and we will post them on our site.

A Day In: The Castro

Imagine a post on the Castro without a picture of the pride flag or the Castro Theater. Though these iconic images help conjure a neighborhood rich in culture and activism, we’re drawn to the smaller establishments that are just as vibrant and significant.

San Francisco native and Castro resident, Paul McWilliams shares his favorite spots.

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Seriously? SRSLY.

Chances are if you’ve lived in a big city, you’ve had your fair share of “seriously?!” moments. When I first moved to San Francisco I told a lot of wild stories. My friends at home were appalled to hear of the man with a hole through his foot (often seen on Mission and 3rd), and could not fathom how I survive an hour and a half wait for brunch. But stories like those began to dwindle because the inevitable occurred; I became immune to crazy behavior, and sadly, somewhat nostalgic for it. Perhaps this is why SRSLY is so successful.

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4 Cinco de Mayo Events Not to Miss

It is no secret that San Franciscans like to imbibe. It often takes no more than a glimpse of sunshine to fill the City parks with grown-ups eager to relive college, but what happens when you throw May into the mix? The result could be a Hunter S. Thompson novel.

Bay to Breakers, May 2010

In a city whose residents spend a significant chunk of their income on food and libations, it surprises us that there are not more “creative” options for Cinco de Mayo. After all, if Jesus’ rising is celebrated with big wheel races in silly costumes, you’d expect the nation that brought us tequila to inspire an even crazier event.

We’re a little upset that the only Cinco de Mayo parties seem to involve bro-y pub crawls and traditional dance; however, here’s a list of your best options: Read more

Photography: SF Skyline

We’re digging this shot Alex took of the SF skyline from Treasure Island. To view the full post and see more rad pics check out her blog, hicontrast.

A Day In: Pacific Heights

We’re starting a new section! A Day In features San Francisco locals who share an ideal day in their neighborhood. This is a day in Urban Native blogger, Nina’s life.

There is a stigma associated with Pacific Heights. Yes, it is home to a best selling author and a popular senator, but there is so much more to this neighborhood than celebrity wealth. Sure, it’s got a pretty boring nightlife and a few too many nannies with strollers, but there’s also a large group of young, twenty-somethings living in appropriately small apartments.

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